Twilight of the Idols or How to Philosophize with a Hammer

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وليس من الممكن دائما العثور على غلاف الكتاب للكتاب الذي نشرت طبعة. يرجى النظر في هذا فقط كصورة مرجعية، وليس دائما بالضبط غلاف الكتاب المستخدمة في الطبعة التي نشرت الكتاب.


In the midst of a gloomy and beyond measure responsible thing to maintain your serenity is no small piece of art: and yet, what would be necessary than cheerfulness? Not a thing falls, where the person has not the arrogance in their share. The excess of force is the only evidence of force. - A revaluation of all values, this question mark so black, so tremendous that it casts shadows on them who it is - a fate of task forces at any moment, to walk in the sun, shake a heavy, too hard who have become serious by itself. Every means is this right, each "case" is a godsend. Above all the war. The war has always been the great wisdom of all too inward, too profound spirits who have become, even in a wound is still healing. A maxim whose origin I withhold the learned curiosity had long been my motto:

increscunt animi, virescit volner virtus.

Friedrich Nietzsche - Фридрих Ницше - فريدريش نيتشه

Friedrich Nietzsche · English

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